Rainmaker - The Beautiful Flood - Minimalist puzzle solving game on iOS and Android Rainmaker - The Beautiful Flood

  • #1 iOS Puzzle Game in 3 countries
  • #13 iOS Puzzle Game in UK
  • #23 iOS Puzzle Game in US
interesting gameplay mechanic...music is calming 4.5 / 5
beautifully designed, wonderfully fluid and an all-round pleasure to play 4.5 / 5
it looks really pretty...well worth a look 7 / 10

Rainmaker is a minimalist puzzle game that follows the story of Tian; a child set out on adventure to discover what is causing the rain. Use the mysterious medallion to change Tian's body into different objects to solve puzzles.

  • Become as light as air, as heavy as a rock, or as bouncy as a basketball in this unique take on puzzle solving
  • Play over 120 mind-bending levels
  • Create your own challenging level and play hundreds of online levels made by other players
  • Use strategy, thinking and timing to ascend into the sky and above
  • Innovative controls and physics; simply tap the screen to morph
  • Explore a vast depth of stunning scenery and variety of beautiful environments
  • Follow a child's story of surreal discovery

Players must triumph over challenges by adapting the game's innovative physics mechanics to any given situation.

Now available for FREE on iOS and Android!