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17 Jun, 2020

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Life rush is different from your average casual game. We combine memes, exciting line-drawing parkour gameplay and the hilarity and awkwardness of growing up. Run through all stages of your life to get to the end, Using a variety of RPG systems to give you just that extra distance! No matter when, whether you are going to work or getting ready to sleep, you have time to play.Mastering Life Rush is easy! With simple controls to draw lines, you can and avoid obstacles and obtain in game items. Let your characters rush through each growing phase! Spend currency in the shop, to unlock hilarious and awesome pets and characters. Each will give you amazing new skills to make growing up quicker and easier.


Life Rush is released on 17 Jun, 2020 with publisher Kaiser.


  • Cartoon versions of famous characters from movies and animations, Can you collect them all?
  • Solve the puzzle of each obstacle and use your brain to rush through plenty of obstacles and collect items!
  • Various patterns challenge your abilities and your intelligence.
  • Two game modes, to give you different line-drawing parkour experiences.


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About Sweaty Chair Studio

We make mobile games with a focus on real-time interactive 2D/3D graphics, music, storyline and above all, fun.

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Life Rush Credits

Brian Zou
Artist, Programmer, Business


Christian Mcfarlane

Alex Le
Game Designer

Mikael Barbaro
Programmer, Game Designer

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