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15 Feb, 2016

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You will be playing as super baby with an above average strength, creativity and knowledge. You go to school everyday at the age of 3 and there is a very pretty girl in school that you like. Your father is a very famous mad physicist who works in a particle collider lab, and one day by colliding a banana and a neutron he created a black hole near your school. The black hole became a portal between different parallel universe. So on your way to school, your father asks you to save the world by the way.


When Sweaty Chair is founded and we are brainstorming the first game, the most popular games in the market were either endless running and card collection. So, why don't we combine the 2 gameplay together? We also wanted to put in the childhood memory as a kid being asked to go to school everyday, no matter what happened. A crazy daddy and a school kid Milkus were then created. Many changes has happened from the draft to the final product, e.g. a storyline were added to make to game more completed, constructing a backend for daily rewards and game analytics, graphic has been changed from 3D to 2D, etc.


  • Become the cutest characters who has different abailities: naive Milkus who still uses a pacifier; decorous Ting Ting who can glide in the sky
  • Satisfy your collection fever on the 50+ cards with different skills and upgrade them to give you super strength on the adventure
  • An unbelievably funny story about how a crazy daddy created an apocalypse but still ask his son to go to school
  • Many enemies you can't think of wanted to kill you: robot Chickas, floating cows, missiles and more
  • Childhood memory about imagination on going school as an adventure, giving a love letter to the girl sit next to you, etc
  • Drink milk to recover HP and eat candy to become invincible on the way
  • Easy controlling, tap to jump or use items; master the game in a minute


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Players’ Most Anticipated Offline Mobile Games" China Golden Plume Awards, 2015

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About Sweaty Chair Studio

We make mobile games with a focus on real-time interactive 2D/3D graphics, music, storyline and above all, fun.

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Go2School Credits

Brian Zou
Founder, Artist, Programmer

Co-founder, Programmer

Tian Wang
Artist, Animator

Derek Wang

John Zhang

Rey Victorio Sarmiento

Shirley Ho

Matthew Chin
Music Composer, Freelancer

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