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1 Feb, 2016

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Brian is a physics-based, Tamagotchi, side-scrolling pet game. Brian is a very fragile, sensitive brain-like blob, that requires the utmost care. By injecting DNA to Brian it could mutate to different forms like Angel Brian with spider legs, Chicken Leg Brian with tentacle arms, Robot Wing Brian with human ears, anything is possible! As you the mad scientist, creator and father of Brian it's your sole responsibility to take good care of it or it will explode into happiness. What happen if your Brian died? Buy another one!


The idea of Brian came up on early 2015. As we are all 80s and once upon a time when we were a kid, we've caught the trend and fever having one or more Tamagotchis in our hands. That was an unforgettable memory showing off our Tamagotchi pets to our friends and it's the reason we were thinking, “Why can't we develop a Tamagotchi game, but with a LITTLE bit of violent and lots of humour?” The game was then named Brian, our CEO, because we wanted players to have mysterious curiosity about the game until they actually play it. Another reason was that many people could easily misspell brain as Brian, which is a brain-formed creature in our game. We have chosen a 2D sketchy cartoony style which is differentiated from most the games in the market, and a lot of vivid animations were added. In the development aspect, most basic features in Tamagotchi were implemented into Brian, such as hunger system, hygiene system, etc. After all, we were thinking that it's still missing something when we played it. “Why Brian stays at the same spots when it has legs and wings, just like a caged chicken? Shouldn't it go for an adventure?” Then, we made Brian can actually run and fly, while a lot of randomness can happen on the way. Brian is still on early stage and we believe there's a lot of potential in it, and we've already planned adding lot more content such as adventure events, clothing system, social system where you can pet friend's Brian, etc.


  • Cuteness, adorable with a little bit of contrast
  • Deadly obstacles: slope, river, mines, lasers, missiles
  • Most likely broken physics
  • Pet evolutions and mutations
  • Innovative controls and physics; simply tap the screen to morph
  • Maybe a little bit of black humour


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Rainmaker - The Beautiful Flood Credits

Brian Zou
Founder, Business, Artist, Programmer

Co-founder, Programmer

Tian Wang
Artist, Animator

Derek Wang

Rey Victorio Sarmiento

Shirley Ho

Matthew Chin
Music Composer, Freelancer

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