Photo Brain - Photographic memory game on iOS and Android Photo Brain

If you think your memory is good, then you have not yet tried this game.
Tease your brain and put your memory game to a whole new level!
Photo Brain is a game which not only tests but also improves your photographic memory.
The current highest level played by us is 83. Can you beat that record?

◆ At level 54: You have 0.25 seconds to recollect the number of green M&Ms from a pile of random ones!
◆ At level 72: You have 0.2 seconds to remember a jumbled sequence of numbers and order them in ascending order based on location!
◆ At level 83: We had 0.2 seconds to memorize a 10 digit phone number! Impossible?

Mastered classic mode? Try EXTREME mode after level 25.
Clear levels from an extremely fast timing clock, just pure memory no cheats no screenshots!!!

Now available for FREE on iOS and Android!