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 A Swing'Em Up Game



The Weirdest Space Adventure

Dive into "No Humanity 2", a rogue-lite, bullet-hell space saga with a comedic twist. Here, your weapon of choice is a swingable umbilical cord, perfect for snagging, throwing, and retrieving an array of oddball weapons. As the galaxy's most unlikely intern, you're tasked with coffee runs, paper jams, and casually saving the world. This game blends chaos with humour, making every moment an unpredictable space adventure. Prepare to laugh as you swing your way through the cosmos, proving that the pen, or in this case, the cord, might just be mightier than the sword.



Publishing Deck


Collect and Build

You step into the zero-gravity shoes of the universe's busiest intern. Your mission? Traverse the cosmos to collect an eclectic mix of resources: minerals, space debris, exotic alien organs, and even the remains of your less fortunate clone predecessors.


But this isn't just interstellar hoarding; it's resourceful recycling at its finest. Your collected treasures serve a grand purpose—to construct a bespoke spaceship, complete with all the amenities of a floating cosmic headquarters. From a bustling canteen and a state-of-the-art garage to a serene temple (because even space interns need a moment of zen), your spacecraft becomes a testament to the art of turning cosmic clutter into intergalactic luxury. Welcome to the ultimate collect-and-build adventure, where the galaxy's trash is your treasure, and your intern duties extend far beyond mere coffee runs.




Fan Arts!

our game's community where the enthusiasm is as boundless as space itself! Our members? They're not just fans; they're art astronauts, crafting incredible fan art of our beloved space intern that's out of this world.


On Discord, where over 40,000 members are already floating in the digital void, waiting for you! Our server is more than just a spaceport; it's a bustling galaxy of gamers, meme-makers, and space intern sympathizers all tuned to the same cosmic frequency. Whether you're looking to share a laugh over gravity-defying glitches or seeking comrades for your next asteroid raid, you'll find a universe of friends here. So why float alone in the vast expanse of the internet? Dock your spaceship at and become part of our celestial family.


A rope to collect and 

Armed with nothing but a versatile, space-grade umbilical cord, you'll grab, swing, and hurl objects with abandon. And should you encounter a weapon too hefty to wield solo, simply summon your allies to wield your umbilical cords in unison for maximum mayhem!


Prepare to face off against the Big Monster, employing a combat strategy as unconventional as it is effective. Seize a chainsaw to make a precise incision through the enemy's left leg, then, in a twist of ingenuity, use that very leg as a projectile weapon aimed straight for the creature's maw. With a roster of bizarre and formidable bosses awaiting, each encounter promises a unique blend of strategy and chaos. Welcome to a world where creativity meets carnage, and where your deadliest weapon is, quite literally, a lifeline.


Level - 3


Silly side quests!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves leveraging this ingenious rope to hoist your remarkably tall giraffe captain—yes, you heard that right—into the confines of your pint-sized spacecraft.


Welcome to a universe where your ingenuity is the key to unlocking the wildest of spacefaring adventures. Ready to twist, swing, and pull your way to victory!

On top of that, the art pass isn't even ready!




Extra info

Information for Publishers

❤     10,000+ Wishlists on Steam    ❤

❤              ID Xbox Selected               ❤

❤   40,000+ members on Discord    ❤

❤     10,000+ members on Reddit    ❤

  • Genre: Co-Op / Hit and Slash / Rogue Lite

  • Theme: Space Adventure, Comedy Horror

  • Platform:  PC / Console

  • “No Humanity 2” is an evolution to “No Humanity”, an IP that has: 

    • a mobile game with 15 million downloads, a 4.8/5 rating​

  • Development Schedule:

    • Current: Playable Alpha

    • Release time: 18 months

    • Early Access: 6 months

    • Team size: 5 FTE

  • Budget: $322K 

    • Quick budget breakdown:

      • Wages 62%

      • Contractors 16%

      • Overheads 22%



Core gameplay mechanic ready. Playable with freinds. Download link below.


3-6 months

80% of the game completed, with meta progression and an ending to the game.

Early Access

6-12 months

The game is refined and balanced. Better art and cinematics added.


18 months

Everything polished, excellent game, our community beta players loved it

DLC / Content

24 months

Maintenance update and Expansion packs for more lores in the game. 

That's it,

thank you for your time.



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