No Humanity - Hardcore survival game on iOS and Android No Humanity

This is the first multiplayer ONLINE BULLET HELL game!

  • #3 iOS Game in Australia and New Zealand
  • Top 100 iOS Game in 17 countries
  • IGN Nominated Best Aussie/NZ game 2015
  • Global Game Jam Sydney 2015 Best Game Winner
  • Global Game Jam Sydney 2015 Best Audio Winner
5 of the best indie games at PAX Australia

2.5M+ Downloads All Over The World!


In a few seconds, the screen will be FILLED with bullets, lasers, monsters and weird stuff. No human being could ever escape his inevitable death.

  • Incredibly challenging gameplay as you dodge your way through an intense bullet hell environment
  • Loads and loads and loads of things trying to kill you, even YOUR FRIENDS!
  • Endless gameplay forcing you to survive as long as possible
  • Uniquely crazy enemies that will make you scream in despair and excitement
  • Compete against yourself and other people in a global scoreboard. Become the best!
  • Realtime Multiplayer online mode, where you can play against your friends under the same WIFI or 4G
  • Claw machine simulator as unique rewarding system, play the crane machine to win over 160 prizes!
  • Offline mode also available, play without internet, save bandwidth!

This is a perfect game for troll, anger management and smashing phones.

Human being who appreciate GRAFFITI, DOODLE, CREATIVE ARTS, CHINESE PAINTING and EXTREME CHALLENGES, will love this game. You can unlock different expansions such as: Chinese Painting, Big Bang and Ocean World. The game is unfair and full of surprises, it'll take you to an unexpected journey and torture you in every single way.

Now available for FREE on iOS and Android!

Translation Credits

daltonfresh, Bryan Fallas, Robert HF
Crazy Unicorn
Mattia Q.
Benjamin Kramer
Michał Kołaczyński, Foxu, Karina Kobyłecka
Umut Can Kapan
Роман Пуртов, Данил Сидоренко, Eugene Savinykh
Данил Сидоренко
B. Javkhlan
Patsagorn Y.