Milk War - Multiplayer real-time strategy ballistics-simulation game on iOS and Android BBTank: Milk War

Milk War is a multiplayer real-time strategy ballistics-simulation game. In a maximum 3-vs-3 battle, each milker equips a full armored tank (or armored animal) and fires a wide variety of weapons: cannon, grenade, bazooka, iron hook, fistgun, etc.

The game is in fast and exciting pace, you can't stand still shooting, do use your skills and fast reaction to move, evade bullets, and give your components a counter-attack. The battle of the chosen ones has began, come enjoy the adventures!

Rules of Milk War:
1. You don't talk about Milk War
2. You should always respect other players by killing them
3. Spawn kill is not only allowed but encouraged
4. Play no more than 30 mins a day
5. Don't blame lag
7. Team kill is kind of bad
8. You can only vs players within similar ratings
9. Skill spam is good
10. Comparing this game with other ballistics-simulation like Worms is a sin

Forget rule #6

Now available for FREE Android!

Translation Credits
Alessio Muccio