Brian - Pet Evolution - Physics-based, Tamagotchi, side-scrolling pet game on iOS and Android Brian - Pet Evolution

Brian is a physics-based, Tamagotchi, side-scrolling pet game.

Brian is a very fragile, sensitive brain-like blob, that requires the utmost care. By injecting DNA to Brian it could mutate to different forms like Angel Brian with spider legs, Chicken Leg Brian with tentacle arms, Robot Wing Brian with human ears, anything is possible!

As you the mad scientist, creator and father of Brian it's your sole responsibility to take good care of it or it will explode into happiness.

What happen if your Brian died? Buy another one!

Cuteness, adorable with a little bit of contrast
Deadly obstacles: slope, river, mines, lasers, missiles
Most likely broken physics
Pet evolutions and mutations
Maybe a little bit of black humour

Now available for FREE on iOS and Android!