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Sweaty Chair Studio bring creative games to the world! We are group of passionate people located in Australia, Sydney and founded Sweaty Chair in 2013 with the aim to create awesome games which differentiated from the market and bring the fun of mobile game to next level. Before we are founded, few of us were already working in gaming industry. Some of us came from web development background, university graduate specialized in gaming and digital media, etc.

We also participants actively in gaming community and have joined multiple Global Game Jam events and developed a number of good games from there. We have also been to PAX Australia 2015 to showcase our game - No Humanity, Go2School, and Rainmaker.

Read more about us in Press Kit.

Sweaty Chair Team


100 George St, Parramtta NSW 2000, Australia

(+61) 433 174 520

Go2School Chicka Love Letter